Looking after the mosaics

Chris the conservator inspected the mosaics on Thursday.  We need to know how to look after them until the new building provides permanent protection.  We were going to cover the whole corridor using scaffolding to support a plastic roof but this might increase humidity which could cause microbial damage.  On the other hand we don’t want the mosaics to get too dry.  We’ve decided to cover the mosaics to stop them drying out, and we’ll keep an eye on them to see how they cope.

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3 Responses to Looking after the mosaics

  1. Looking good. Its great to see this happening at Chedworth.

  2. RW and EA says:

    Re covering for mosaics – have you considered thatch? This is a natural material, weather resistant and unlikely to increase humidity (supports could be timber rather than scaffolding). Presumably NT already has access to thatchers?

    • Guy says:

      Hello RW and EA,

      A nice idea, but a lot of work for a temporary structure and could make the corridor a little dark?

      Best wishes,


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