That’s the end of week one…

… but we’ll be back on Monday.  In the meantime, here are some mosaic details including where the floor meets the wall.  We’re wondering what the reddish spots on the white tesserae could be – any ideas?

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5 Responses to That’s the end of week one…

  1. Barbara Evans Rees says:

    It looks like the method of covering the mosaics with geotextile, sand and soil has preserved them well. Can you tell us when they were covered in this way please? It would be interesting to know from a preservation point of view as we have just uncovered a section of mosaic pavement at Whitehall Villa in Northamptonshire which will need conserving

    • Guy says:

      Hello Barbara,

      The mosaics were treated this way about 12 years ago. I imagine that conservation techniques would be highly dependent on local circumstances but I’ll ask Chris (the conservator) for his thoughts and get back to you.

      Best wishes,


  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Guy,
    Really enjoyed the blog and the pix are excellent. Any news from Chris the conservator about his thoughts on conserving the mosaics (from the previous post). The team at Whitehall are eagerly awaiting any advice.
    Best wishes,

  3. Guy says:

    Hi Barbara,
    Apologies for the delay in replying – our conservators are now on site and we’ve had a chat about mosaic conservation in general. Everything depends on local circumstances and there is no wholesale recommendation without a qualified conservator inspecting the mosaics. Sub-surface archaeological deposits are usually stable and excavation exposes them to a huge range of risks and damage-agents. The best thing to do is suspend any further excavation until you get advice on-site – damage can occur very quickly and it is not always immediately obvious. The best people to ask would be English Heritage or your local County Archaeologist.

    With best wishes,


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