Into the unknown

Thursday was full of mixed emotions.  The persistent showers made work on the mosaics impossible and we felt very frustrated.  However, we decided to concentrate on the unexcavated layers above them with unexpected results.  We assumed that the whole corridor has been excavated in the past and that the tarmac was sitting on layers of sand.  It’s starting to look as though the layers under the tarmac could be Victorian in the southern section where we have found a mix of Welsh slate, stone and Roman material:

In the northern section we have the line of a trench cut in 1997 to inspect the mosaics.  A watercolour was made at the time and a copy is sitting on the top of the wall.  This section was filled with sand then gravel.  The layers to the left appear to be much older:

Friday should be really good if the weather gives us a chance!

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