It’s all gone hi-tech…

There was no blog yesterday as we were racing against the clock to get the mosaics ready for laser scanning and photography today.  It was a very early start this morning but the south corridor was ready when Bill from Downland arrived to make digital models of the mosaics.  Bill began by setting up the laser scanner and surveying equipment:

The laser scanner measures thousands of very accurate distances and creates a three dimensional digital representation of the surface of the mosaics:

Bill then took a series of vertical photographs which he will stitch together and ‘drape’ over the digital model.  There is a lot of information to process. 

The final stage is to tie the survey into a grid to enable the photographs and laser scan to be tied together.  Bill used tiny targets dotted around the villa to act as reference points:

It took the whole day to scan and photograph all the mosaics but it was well worth it.  In a year or so we will make another digital survey which will then tell us whether any of the tiles have moved and help us to look after the mosaics.

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1 Response to It’s all gone hi-tech…

  1. Mark Newman-Goodall says:

    As an ex memeber of staff at the Villa, I’ve always known about the hidden mosaics under the tarmac walkways. Seeing them exposed is a moving experience for me and they make the site look even more special. Congratualtions to the excavation team for making them look so beautiful.

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