A really cool laser

We’ve talked about the condition survey going on at the site, now here are some nuggets of the nitty gritty.

For the condition survey to be meaningful, it needs to be able to be repeated exactly later on to see what has changed.  In order to make it repeatable, we need to create a grid on fixed points that can be found and used again by other surveys in the future.  Easier said than done.  A building is going up around the mosaics this winter, so this is our last chance to easily put survey marks inside the western end of the villa that are connected to the outside geography.  To do it right, we have employed a spinning laser to mark the spots…

How it works: you place the laser station on a point where you/it can see all the areas you want to mark (the laser can’t see around corners any better than you can!)  Once you have established the height of this station above sea level using a little maths, you flip the laser ON switch – very high tech.  The laser whizzes  around, throwing out a signal at this known height in every direction and all you need is a sensor to walk around and pick up this signal everywhere that you want to mark. 

Did we mention a laser is spinning in every direction?  This laser can harm your eyes if you look into the beam, which is shooting around in the west end of the villa, so we finished all this work on Monday when the villa was closed to the public with a small team of people out in the “zone” who have been trained to work blindfoled… okay, not really, we just knew where to look and where not to.

As a result of this really cool laser, we now have a series of known fixed heights marked within the western range of the villa so that future surveys have the precise measures to work from.  Genius! 

 Please enjoy the diagram of the process – it’s just like being there but without the chance of going blind

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  1. I visited on August 3 and took a photo of the sign you’d posted that had this blog address so I’d remember to stop by and take a look – it’s been interesting reading so far 🙂 Looking forward to reading more as the work continues!

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