Chedworth Revealed

The Victorians left us a wonderful site which has been enjoyed by countless visitors ever since its discovery.  This photograph shows the west range around the turn of the last century:

However, the shelter sheds are beginning to show their age and no longer provide protection to a standard we expect today.  Much of the historic fabric, such as the painted marble-effect plaster in the baths, is difficult to see and many visitors find the changes of level make getting around the site difficult.   This is a particular problem in the west range where the corridor is much lower than the rooms.

We are delighted to have received generous support from the Heritage Lottery Fund to build a new cover building over the west range.  The new building will provide a controlled environment for the mosaics and provide access and interpretation areas for Chedworth.  This project will help us to share this fantastic place and look after it for years to come. 

The new west range cover building

The Victorians built-up the Roman walls and capped them with tiles to protect the wall tops from the rain and frost.  Some of the walls were capped with the original villa roof tiles.  The new cover building will sit on top of these walls.

The transformation of the Villa has already begun with the removal of the wall cappings:


2 Responses to Chedworth Revealed

  1. John Bithell says:

    Is the new protective structure also covering an ambulatory walk as well as rooms on the west range and are any pavements visible under what looks like a suspended walkway in the photograph

    • Hello John and apologies for the delay in replying. The new structure will include the corrider and yes, the mosaics will be visible under the walkways. We excavated the corridor sections that will be inaccesible when the walkways are in place. In 2012, following completion of the cover building, we will reveal the rest of the corridor – it’s going to be very exciting!


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